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What the 2014 Winter Olympics can teach us about our own lives.

February 10, 2014

As I watched the Men’s Figure Skating tournament in the Winter Olympics the other day I witnessed a precision, perfection, and grace that left me breathless. Having studied ballet as a child, I felt the skater’s movements in my soul, and longed to be able to perform them, too. Then I was graced—with an “aha” moment. While I’ll never be a figure skater, the vision of that skater skating suddenly became a metaphor for what I CAN—and AM creating—in my life. I pondered what the vision reflected for me, and came up with the following (knowing that the vision will grow and change as I do):

  1. I will continue to face my fears and push past them
  2. I will strive to keep my priorities straight, so that I can respond appropriately in any given situation
  3. I will know the difference between my wants and needs, and in that space watch how my needs and wants become one and the same.
  4. I will remember to BE love, and when I forget I will forgive myself and BE love again.
  5. We all have our araté, the difficult-to-translate Greek term for our unique, individual fullness, or excellence. I will aspire to fulfill my araté.

How about you? What is your vision for your life as it unfolds?

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