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What is trust?

March 28, 2016

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When the memoir Finding Zoe was released, my co-author and I promoted it. I knew in my gut it was the right thing to do. My co-author, having notoriety as a former Miss Deaf America, focused on our print campaign, while I focused on radio. As you may know, when you promote a book on the radio you present yourself as an expert in your field and then weave your book into the conversation. As an intuition expert, I discussed how the characters trusted their intuition and were true to themselves, no matter how difficult, and by doing so, also did what was right for others. A memoir has a focus, and trusting one’s intuition was clearly the focus of the story.

I have been writing about intuition for years, in my books, my blog, as the core of my online presence. Yet, even though my passion poured out onto the page I never wanted to share my work in other ways, such as workshops and public speaking. It just didn’t float my boat. I figured it was because I was a writer at heart.

But during my radio campaign something extraordinary happened to me. Man, I was on fire. The experience awakened a yearning in me to not only write about the necessity of trusting one’s intuition but to also speak about it and coach people, as well. So while I thought I was on the radio to promote my book there was also another reason that had yet to happen that would enhance my career, and my life. And it would and do good for others, as well— just like what happened in Finding Zoe. The shift came as such a surprise, a sure sign that I had trusted my intuition in the first place.

The experience showed me, yet again—and it was like seeing truth on a summer’s day—that we must trust our intuition not only because we have a reason, but because our intuition is meant to be trusted, period. Sometimes, we may have no idea why that still small voice guides us to do something; the reason will only be revealed to us in time. Here I am on an adventure that feels like my reason for being. Imagine if I hadn’t trusted.

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4 Responses to “What is trust?”

  1. No truer words were ever written, or spoken! It’s especially hard to hear your gut when your gadgets get in the way.. Congratulations on where your intuition has taken you, dear friend!

  2. Your heart knows the way. Trusting our higher inner power, our intuition if the best way forward. Happy to be on this journey with you my friend! xox

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