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Using your intuition with Twitter.

October 27, 2013

Never thought that I would, but I adore tweeting. Yet, for a while there, Twitter’s rules were not working in my favor. I couldn’t follow anyone else, until more people followed me. Ok. I get it. But then people started following me left and right yet my number of followers was going down. Now what’s up with that? I figured that people were unfollowing me, because I wasn’t following them back. Catch 22 in Twitterland.

But at the risk of sounding like an obsessive ignoramus, it’s my reaction that I want to share. Obsession. Anger at Mr. Twitter. Carefully plotting my apologies to all those nice people who just followed me, saying that I would follow them back asap. Searching for a Twitter expert to help me to fix the problem. I admit to even tweeting my problem to Twitter, hoping for a response. The situation was driving my problem-solving self mad.

Finally, I realized that the only way out was in, so I asked my inner wisdom for some help. I got some practical advice, and then the reassurance to trust my experience with Twitter like anything else. It reminded me that that moment in time was but a snapshot in the process of my life, and in six months from then it would all look very different. It told me to find the humor in the situation. Write a blog post about it—that doing so might even make someone laugh. It made me see, once again, that what seemed sooo important to me then was really not very important at all. Sound familiar?

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