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Trusting your heart isn’t a gender thing.

July 26, 2015

gender thing

Men—does the term, “trusting your heart,” imply a weak sentimentality to you? Do you dismiss it as unimportant? If you’re reading this post, I bet you know where I’m headed … that “trusting your heart” isn’t about buying flowers for your gal, unless it is. Or proposing marriage to your sweetheart, unless it is. (That’s really trusting!) You know that trusting your heart’s wisdom is the steel in your honor. The bravery in your brawn. The love in your leadership.

Chicas—we might have an edge on trusting our hearts, due to our constitution and love for female camaraderie. Still—it isn’t easy. When the going gets tough, isn’t it tempting to cave in on ourselves, and let our emotions run rampant?

I was reading about Rachel Dolezal, and how she’s being accused of feigning her racial identity. Is she a liar? How easy it is to have an opinion! But her truth isn’t for you or me to know. We get hits about things that are often correct. But trust this, whatever your sex. Our heart’s wisdom tells us our truth—and ours alone, and is only looking for us to receive it.Tweet This

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