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Trust your inner voice when writing (or not).

December 05, 2013

I haven’t written anything in days and am feeling a little antsy. Surely, things are happening that I want to write about—need to write about. But it just isn’t time. That feeling when you pluck the words out of the air that belong to you only, that  are waiting to come through you. Surely, the air is pregnant … I’ve been here so many times before, waiting, waiting …wanting  … when suddenly, with urgency, putting everything else aside I sit down … the current flowing through me, a nanosecond later translating itself into words as my fingers hit the keys and the ink hits the page. I am strengthened, moving mountains, more aware of myself and of the world around me. I am complete. There is plenty more where that came from. But it just isn’t time. It just isn’t time.

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