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Trust your gut in business: Case Study #2.

October 27, 2013

Finding a publisher isn’t easy. My co-author and I searched long and hard, and then shortly after finding one we realized that their vision for the book was not aligned with ours. Yikes. We’d already hired a publicist, and lined up a well-known celebrity to write the the Foreword. Double yikes. It was difficult parting ways with the publisher, since it had taken a while to find them and we’d be back to square one. Soon after, a prestigious literary agent offered to represent us, and we were thrilled. But to our chagrin, her contract stipulated that if she couldn’t find us a publisher we would use her self-publishing services to self-publish the book. Siren-siren. This definitely felt like the wrong move to me, which I politely explained to her. However, my coauthor felt that working with the agent was truly our best shot, and wanted to sign the contract. I understood her point, and even though I had mixed feelings about it, agreed. At that point the agent changed her mind and revoked the offer.

Man, I was bummed, thinking that I had blown a great opportunity, that had I not disagreed in the first place things would have worked out. I doubted my own judgment, believing that I had ruined our chances of ever finding a good publisher.

But as it turned out, a long month later we received an offer—not from one but from two publishers—that we had approached on our own, and signed a contract with one of them. I was crying then, but laughing now. It’s just another example of how our intuition, and not our emotions, is the best gauge for making the right decisions. More info. about the book itself will be coming soon.

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