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The joy of parenting, even when your child is grieving.

November 11, 2013

My ten-year-old son has been grieving. His grandfather, who was ninety-two, died recently. Although it is sad, my husband and I are also helping him to see this time as an opportunity to celebrate his grandfather’s full and vibrant life. He seems to get it. Yet, I think that for the first time he may be questioning his own mortality, and mine and my husband’s. All very normal and age-appropriate. And, there’s been a real bright side to all of this. My son said that his friend Scott has really been there for him. To make him feel better he has volunteered to be his “servant for the day.” He said that more than any of his other friends Scott understands his sadness, that he can talk to him about his grandpa. I think that for the first time my son is also experiencing true friendship. I am so happy knowing that he has a friend whom he can trust, that he has the ability to trust, and can also recognize in Scott someone who can be trusted with his tender, ten-year-old heart. Yes, the mother inside of me is truly rejoicing.

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