Here is what people are saying about Gail Harris:

Gail Harris took this project on with such passion and gave it life. This book may be about me but it is just as much her story. You befriended everyone involved along the way and created a safe place for healing. Thank you for reaffirming our belief that by doing what is right for ourselves, we also do what is right for others. Thank you for sharing my journey of self-acceptance with me and for writing this story, so that Zoe will always know how much she is loved. I know I speak for everyone involved when I say, ‘Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you!

Brandi Rarus, Co-author, Finding Zoe

Gail Harris has an unerring sense of both placement and pacing. She knows when a writer needs to add, delete, rethink, or reconfigure, because she understands how a reader thinks. Not only did my manuscript benefit greatly from Gail’s insightful editing, but the resulting book has been praised for its clarity and nominated for several awards.

Natalie Reid, author of The Spiritual Alchemist: Working with the Voice of Your Soul

It is Gail Harris to whom I entrusted my heart and story for the editing of my memoir. Her eye for structure and order, balanced with her warm, respectful approach and her valuing my journey on a spiritual and deeply personal level makes me feel blessed to have had Gail to work with as we transformed my story to book form.

Phyllis Brooks, LICSW, author of Dancing in My Grandfather’s Garden: A Memoir.

Gail learned about our products and picked up the Bose voice quickly, whether writing copy for our website or our print campaigns. I appreciate her powerful headlines followed by strong sell copy.

Steve Pasto, Copywriting Manager, Bose Corp.

Advertising sales in the natural products categories of New Age Journal have risen substantially this year, due, in part, to the wonderful promotional brochure Gail wrote to help us target this market segment.

Josef Kottler, Ad Director, New Age Journal

Gail captured the essence of our biotechnology and communicated it in easy, understandable language. She created an exciting and innovative capabilities brochure.

Anthony Rotunno, Marathon Biopharmaceuticals