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Teaching kids about self-control? Let the force be with you.

February 15, 2014

My son can have a difficult time with impulse control. When he “thinks” something he says it—even when it’s not appropriate. I know that it’s a common behavior with children aged ten and under, and as they mature it usually works itself out. Still, I wanted to come up with a tool of some kind that would help to guide him in the right direction. Suddenly, it hit me: If I want to teach my son something—especially something this important—then explain it to him in a language that he can understand. He always loved Star Wars so I put it to use. I told him that in real life true power does not mean using a lightsaber it means being able to control your actions. Thinking before you act will help you to be on the light side and will let the force will be with you. His face lit up. He got it. Now whenever he reacts I remind him of what it really means to be in his true power.

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