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A special Finding Zoe thank you.

October 03, 2014

Gail_thank you_note I am writing this special edition blog post to thank some wonderful people for helping me to spread the word about Finding Zoe. My, the things that are possible because of social media. The way that I see it, in addition to facilitating business, it connects hearts to hearts. In spite of having busy lives, these people supported me because they care about me. They made the time to read  and write and post and tweet, many without even knowing how special the story even is.

Yet, the way that I see it, they have not only done this for me and my co-author, Brandi Rarus whose memoir Finding Zoe is, they are also doing it for the Deaf Community. For all the children in the foster system who aren’t as lucky as Zoe, and are still waiting for homes. For all the pregnant teens, and those yet to be. They are helping to raise awareness that these young women, and their unborn children, can still have fulfilling lives in spite of a bad decision made.

In Finding Zoe, Zoe’s “special needs” resulted in the miracle that Brandi had been waiting for her entire life. Had Zoe not become deaf soon after she was born and her birth mother placed her for adoption, Brandi would never have found the daughter who was meant to be hers, and Zoe would never have found the family that was meant to raise her. Zoe, who might have been caught in “the system” for years and years, was home safe in her mother’s arms.

So thank you: Debra Oakland, Lakesha Brown, Eichin Chang-Lim, Jose Javier Garde, Ande Lyons, Iva Ignjatovic, Kristin Drysdale, Johann Gauthier, Tracy Baker, Sherrill Duce, Mark Seydel, Rhonda Green, Nicole Levac, Charlotte Pierce, Krithika Rangarajan, Nora Whalen, Mike Fountain, Shawndra Higgens, Cynthia Bazin, Debra Dickerson, Kirk Sherrod, Ryan Minor, Regan Black, Christine Bowen, Dennis Duce, Marilyn Shannon.


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