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A finalist for an IPNE Book Award for the memoir Finding Zoe, written for a former Miss Deaf America, I can write, co-write or ghostwrite your memoir or self-help book. Finding Zoe received offers from two well-respected publishers; the Forward was written by  Academy-Award-Winning Actor, Marlee Matlin. 

So what’s entailed in writing your book?

  • Well, it starts with you having a great story to tell, but not wanting or being able to write it yourself, i.e. you don’t have the time, skills, objectivity, or sheer courage to go it alone.
  • You believe that if you could only get what’s in your head and heart on the page, readers would be engrossed and captivated and, maybe even, learning something.
  • That’s where I come in. We meet, you learn about me and what I can offer you and I learn about you and your story. If the chemistry is there, we move on.
  • We’re talking about storytelling—whether your book is a memoir or self-help book. Discerning what your book needs to be—it’s highest expression. With a memoir, what’s the best approach for telling your story, known in publishing as finding the story arc. The story needs to be written in the universal voice, where you are not just presenting your diary, but a thoughtful, engrossing story each reader can relate to in his or her own way. (With Finding Zoe, while my co-author was deaf, both hearing and deaf readers can identify with Brandi’s inner struggle of finding her place in the world and fitting in, and how, as parents, we are committed to doing the best for our children. I can help you make important connections in your own life that, being so close to it, you might not see on your own.
  • We’re talking about marketing—What are the challenges you face in presenting your message to several audiences? I can help you work with those challenges and find the perfect words to address them.
  • I can help you to fully understand your editorial goals—how to turn those fabulous ideas trapped inside your heart and mind into prose that someone else is willing to buy and read and enjoy.
  • Finally, I can help you navigate the traditional and self-publishing arenas to determine the path that’s right for you.

What I love most about my work is collaborating with my client to discover the story behind the story and determining our best working relationship. I enjoy looking for the “big picture,”—how everyone and everything is interconnected, and using it as the story’s lens. My niche is spiritual, women’s empowerment and self-help topics.

A few words about cost.

Surfing the Internet, I found dozens of websites promoting co-authors or ghostwriters for incredibly low as well as exorbitantly high fees. I’m sure you’ve found the same.

If cost is your primary concern regarding finding someone to help you tell your story then, perhaps, you should look elsewhere. I can’t compete with the lowest of the low. Nor do I aspire to be the highest paid book writer, either.

My somewhat-negotiable fee falls in the middle of the professional book-writing pack, with the average fee to write a memoir between $50,000 and $70,000 — depending on its  length and complexity, if I ghostwrite it, and other considerations.

My goal, as a finalist of an IPNE Book Award, is to provide you with the expertise and attention that you and your story deserve, while providing myself with the time I need to bring my writing skills to work on your behalf.

Manuscript evaluation:

Already have a manuscript? Let me evaluate your memoir or self-help manuscript. My focus is guiding you, so that your work is up to the publishing standards of a traditional publisher. Your plan could be to either approach publishers or, perhaps, self-publish first with the goal of having a publisher up pick your book.

This entails reviewing with the big picture in mind, i.e. the storyline or thought framework of your book, including its: structure, order, coherency, meaningful content, underlying themes, pacing, tone, point of view, characterization and dialogue, key points, and so on. Each manuscript is different, of course, and requires different refining.  I work with my clients to bring out the best in their stories.


Winner of an ANDY as well as several marketing awards, I can strategically tell your story to your market to increase your ROI.

I’d love to hear your story.

To discuss your book or copywriting project or to see a sample manuscript evaluation, please call or email me at or fill out this form.

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