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Protecting our children’s innocence.

March 31, 2014

The other day, when my 10-year-old son Lucas and I were talking about his neighborhood friends, he said, “I know that we will all be friends forever!” I felt the sweetest sorrow, and realized, in that moment, that I was the gatekeeper of his innocence. Part of me, the logical, fearful part that wants to protect him from ever feeling disappointment or pain, wanted to march in and tell him that that wouldn’t happen, that he and his friends would eventually go their own ways, and probably not see each other again. Yet, the wiser part of me just smiled, and reveled in preserving his innocence just a little bit longer. Kids are growing up so fast these days. It’s sad. There is plenty of time for them to see violence on TV, listen to (and sing) songs about sex and things too complicated for their youthful ears. The other day while Lucas and I were sitting in the car and listening to “his” radio station, he sang, “Take me home tonight.” I knew he had no idea of what he was saying, thank goodness. I want to protect his naivety. I want him to remain a child for as long as is necessary. I experience the years of my own life just flitting by. His simple innocence fills me with joy and wonder. He has time … he has time …

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