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Praising our kids: A boy and his dog.

October 27, 2013

I never was a dog person. To me, dogs were smelly, annoying things—and the licking totally grossed me out! My son, however, must have been a dog in a former life, because from the time that he could walk, whenever he saw one he followed it—at the park, on the street, wherever we were. To this day whenever he sees a dog (and I mean whenever!) he asks the owner if he could pet it.

So what’s a mother to do? When he turned seven I knew that I could not, NOT get this kid a dog. They’d have to lock me away for cruel and inhuman treatment. I did my research, and found a rare breed, Coton de Tulear, that seemed perfect for our family—smart, good-natured, sits on your lap, no shedding. “Licks a lot”, “follows me around”, and “soft and cuddly,” were just a few of my son’s requirements. The day finally came; we picked up the dog—and from that day on the joy that I have experienced from loving that animal has known no bounds. And the best part is the licking! We named him Duke.

Since then I always tell my son that it was because of him that I know how much I love dogs, and that if it wasn’t for him I never would have known. I say how he gave me the hugest gift, and the smile that lights up his face is worth all the gold in the world. The gifts that our children bring us are endless, if we just keep looking.

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