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What is your personal Thanksgiving?

November 23, 2014

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I am freezing while sitting here writing this. Our furnace is on the brink, and for the last week or so, as we researched which furnace to buy and worked with Mass Save so that our energy usage would be the most efficient, the temperature has steadily dropped in the house, this morning reading 60 degrees. There is so much to complain about; being cold makes me cranky. But it’s Thanksgiving in a few days, and that reminded me to look at our situation, not from the perspective of being victimized but from being thankful. So, first of all, thank goodness for space heaters. Thank goodness that having a cold house is just temporary, and that soon it will be warm and toasty again, just in time for winter (and I probably will have forgotten all about this inconvenience, but I will try not to). While I have my hardships like the rest of us, I am thankful that, right now, all is well for my family and me, and we have a roof over our heads. I think about homeless people and am sickened. I am thankful that it is Thanksgiving. I am thankful for being thankful, and for recognizing that perspective is everything. How about you?


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