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Nature and spirituality.

October 27, 2013

The other day I needed to clear my head, so I drove to the state park near my house. The area has a huge, circular ravine that’s about a quarter of a mile wide in diameter, overlooking a bed of carefully placed rocks. I scooted down the ravine, blanket in hand, until finding a rock that was big enough and straight enough to lie down upon. The place was beautiful, quiet, serene. I immediately began relaxing, the disturbing thoughts slowly melting away.  I laid there for about two hours and then left, a much calmer, happier person.

Later that day I started wondering what had happened to me there. We’re often told to seek out nature when we want to find inner peace. But why? What is it about being in nature that is so powerful? I came up with this: Nature isn’t encumbered by the busyness of everyday life. Sitting on those rocks was not like seeing God face to face on a clear day it WAS seeing God face to to face on a clear day.  And seeing myself, as well.

I think when we are surrounded in nature the separateness that we feel more easily dissolves and we feel One with every person, place, animal, and thing. Haven’t you ever felt like that? It’s amazing!!!! We can see who we really are, not: wife, mother, father, author, friend, sick, healthy (depending on the day), pretty, ugly (depending on our mood). Oh, we are none of these things. They are just labels. We tend to identify with these labels, yet we never confuse the label with the contents of a jar. You wouldn’t serve your kid a Skippy label, would you? My feelings of Oneness faded as the day went on. But I’m telling you, it made a difference. I’m heading back to the ravine, as soon as I can.

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