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Moms and guns.

April 12, 2014

I’m sure I am not the only mother who cringes when her son picks up a toy gun. No doubt this kind of boy behavior has been going on for ages. Men hunt, women gather. Still, every time my-eleven-year-old picks up a gun, I cringe inside. So he picks up a gun, so I cringe. Now there are certain kinds of guns that I allow him to have. For example, Nerf Guns. They have bullets that are made of plastic and have foam tips. I’d rather he didn’t play with them, but somehow I know that I need to let him have that. I suppose I can’t go against mother nature. However, there are certain guns that I’ve seen in Toys R’ Us that I’d never allow him to have. Such as those metal-machine-gun-type guns that are big and chunky and metallic and scream “GGGGGUUUUNNNNN” in a low, Al Capone voice the moment you lay eyes on it. I think my son would like one of those, but there I draw the line. Yet, I wonder. Is there really a difference? Shooting is shooting, right? Somehow for me there is a difference, even though it may make no sense at all. I’d love to hear how other mothers feel about this.

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