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Mine is “heaven on toast,” too, Charlize.

October 27, 2013

When I read a recent article about adoptive mom Charlize Theron accepting Variety’s Power of Women Award, I just knew how she was feeling when talking about her son Jackson. I adopted my son, too, and let me tell you that my love for him has also aspired me to want to do great things. Like care about others more than myself. Like write a book and dedicate it to him. I could go on. Oscar winner Charlize said that her work has become much more meaningful after adopting Jackson. “ … you start thinking about the legacy that you want to leave behind for your child,” she said. “I want him to be proud of me in a way that’s authentic.” As a person with children, can you relate?

She’s speaking of that love that a mother has for her child, plain and simple. I tried conceiving for years but had complications, so ended up adopting. But Charlize’s story is different. The 36-year-old beauty always knew that she would adopt! She said that her mother had found a letter that she had written when she was eight, asking to be taken to an orphanage so that she could adopt a baby. Now, that’s destiny. I suppose that, in the end, however we find our way to motherhood it will be an experience beyond our wildest imagination, thank you very much: Awesome, brutal, heavenly, dispicable, and everything in-between.

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