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Learn to accept yourself: The antidote to fear.

October 27, 2013

Have you ever noticed that whatever you are afraid of, rarely happens? Sure, the dog barked, but will it really bite? Still, we do it all the time—give away our power to an imaginary event, to an illusion. Personally, I try catching my reactionbefore I react. I don’t always succeed, but when I do I know exactly how to respond—whether it’s to run, stand still, or first one and then the other. This response was so important for me to learn, because being scared is such a knee-jerk reaction for me. I’ve got the “worry gene.” Fortunately, I’m also big on self-awareness (otherwise I’d be in big trouble). Perhaps, my worry gene is a gift, because it helps me to be more self-aware.

It can get tricky. For example, I wouldn’t fly in a small airplane to save my life. No matter how gorgeous the view was, I’d imagine myself dead on the ground just minutes after take-off. Now, I know that the chances of that happening are small. But I also recognize that no matter how hard I tried I probably wouldn’t be able to relax and enjoy the ride, and would choose to decline.

The key is realizing that self-awareness must go hand-in-hand with self-acceptance. Part of me wishes I would choose the airplane ride; it seems like such a courageous thing to do, and such an expression of joie de vivre. But really. Isn’t accepting ourselves, with all of our weirdness, really the bravest thing of all?

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