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Inspiration for your winters.

March 01, 2015

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When it’s winter and the snow is cold and the sky is dark, how do you find sustenance? When life feels bleak and events seem harsh how do you conquer your own anxieties—and everyone’s around you—to be the light for those who are in your care? Are your children sleeping peacefully in their beds? When they awaken, won’t their laughter be dependent upon how you embrace the light of day? Each of us has our own particulars, which feel heavy or light, depending on the circumstances. Of this we have limited control. What we can master is how we greet each moment—regardless. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t spit or moan or run naked in the streets, if that’s what you must do. If you must —and you, alone, will know—it will bring you sustenance.

Be light, for the winters bear great gifts. What better opportunity than chipping at the ice to strengthen your spiritual muscles …  to make a spiritual leap even—to discover a depth of strength you never knew you had, now as plain as the frostbitten nose on your face.

Hold tight.

It’s the darkest times, when yielded to, that lead you to the light. Tweet This

4 Responses to “Inspiration for your winters.”

  1. You can feel the warmth in your words! What a great share. Thank you for sharing this inspirational post!

  2. All plants being as seeds in the dark under the earth. The garden of our life, when tended well, brings light and beautiful gifts to the surface. Running naked through the streets sounds good too! xo

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