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I’m in. #BringYourNakedFace.

January 27, 2014

There ins’t anyone who can convince me that we don’t get exactly what we need. We only have to go after it. What do you need? Ask the still, small voice inside, allow the wisdom to come and it will be there. It is always there, it is just our receivers that need fine tuning. Here is an personal example, and I marvel every time this kind of thing happens–and it happens A LOT. I need to be more comfortable in front of a camera. With my book coming out next fall and the likelihood of it being hugely successful I have to get ready. So, each time that still, small voice guided me to do something I acted on it. First, I joined #HRockstars, an awesome Google + Community and began learning about Google+. Then I watched a few Goggle Hangouts on Air (HOAs) and found The Mia Connect HOA with Mia Voss. Bingo. Thats where I met Lany Sullivan and the #Bringyounakedface gang. I joined their Google + Community, called “Those 4 Girls”. And guess what? Their MISSION is supporting women who want to become comfortable in front of the camera!!!  You better believe that I am participating.

You can talk about this phenomenon in many ways. You can say, “Be careful what you wish for.” But I take a more appreciative stance. To me, there couldn’t be a clearer example of Life’s elegance, mystery, and majesty—of how when we are One with our deepest selves and with Spirit miracles happen. And, they appear as miracles only because we are not tuned in to how the Life really works. If we were, we would see all miracles as part of every day life.

Now, I know that bad stuff happens.  But that is for another post…

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