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Friendship and trust: companions for success.

November 08, 2014


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A book that I mailed to a friend who lives in Serbia never made it to her, yet, somehow found its way back across the world and into my mailbox safe and sound. To think of all the planes and trucks (and boats?) in which it traveled while trying to get to her and then, after something going awry, taking the same (or very different) long trip back. I don’t know whether to hate the postal service or love it. It wasn’t just any book; it was one that had my name on it, that I co-authored, and I wanted to share with my friend. I had written an extra beautiful message in it to her, knowing how far away she was, but feeling her right here in my heart. I wonder if the book found its way back to me because the postman or God knew that I really, really did not want it to get lost.

Today I tried again. I gave the postal service another $20, and crossed my fingers. Only time will tell. My friend tells me that things are very different in Serbia than they are here in the U.S. Like taking for granted that you will receive your mail, and even being able to leave the country. What I really want, is to hug my friend and give her the book in person.

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