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Follow your heart, your intuition guides you step by step.

October 27, 2013

Will Donnelly, an awesome blogger from Spirituality and Health Magazine, shared a funny story: a new age thinker died and went to heaven. Upon entering the pearly gates, he saw two signs directing him to his final destination. One said: “This way to God,” and another: “This way to a workshop to find God.” Out of habit, he took the path of the workshop.

Can you see yourself in his story? Laughing at himself, Will said that there were times when he was so caught up in the “process” of creating that he forgot to take into account what he had already created—both the good and bad. All the tools he needed to help him get to the next step were laid out right in front of him, but he disregarded them in his seemingly never-ending quest to manifest the life of his dreams.

I loved this post! because Will pointed to something so true: Every step we take was influenced by the ones we took before. In other words, we’re always moving forward, even when we’re sure that we’ve been running around in circles.

Case in point. A good friend of mine who designs jewelry and sells it on Ebay recently told me that, all of a sudden she had a burning desire to design leather bookmarks. Several jewelry orders still needed to be filled, but her desire was so strong that she just put them aside and spent days—and a lot of money—designing the bookmarks. Oh, she doubted herself, but did it, anyway. Then she took the bookmarks to a few neighborhood vendors, and the feedback she received was that, even though the bookmarks were very beautiful they were just too expensive to make a profit on them. However, in passing, one of the vendors mentioned a terrific jewelry show that was happening soon, whose exhibitors were by accepted by invitation only. My friend applied and was accepted as an exhibitor. Had she not made the bookmarks she probably never would have found out about the show. Believe it. There are no mistakes.

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