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Follow your gut as a parent. And reap the joys.

November 20, 2013

The other day I was on my treadmill digging on my tunes when my son—and our dog—came downstairs to the basement to be with me. Frankly, it irritated me, because my favorite song was coming through my headphones, and I was enjoying my alone-time. Fortunately, a few seconds later I said to myself “helloooooo!!!!” I’d had it all wrong. I turned off my ipod. My son, who is ten, was in the middle of telling me his thesis: “Pet owners must learn to take responsibility for their pets,” he stated with an air of confidence that would make any mother cry. Boy, was I glad I didn’t miss that! Then he chased the dog around, glee exuding from every bone in his little body. He was in his bliss and I was in mine. It’s parenting moments like these that remind us to be clear of what our priorities are and of what’s most important in our life. It’s just too darn easy to be distracted. All the more reason for being vigilant about keeping our eyes, and hearts, open to our kids’ needs and to their magic. Or we’ll miss out on the very reason we wanted to be parents in the first place.

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