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“Bravo, what a powerful and compelling story. You deftly wove together the narrative with the history of deaf society/culture and its rights movement. I particularly liked Brandi’s early childhood story. Her memories are so visceral and you capture the reactions of a child through an adult lens without losing any innocence or immediacy. That’s not easy.” Monica Corcoran Harel, New York Times Best-Selling Author and Journalist

“An amazing story and a riveting book.” Sherrill Duce, Mother of eight

“I spent the last hour falling in love with a little girl and every single person who led her to Brandi. What an amazing woman. I am left forever grateful. Thank you for the honor of reading your work!” Rhonda Green, Social Media Manager

“I loved this book! It shows us the strength of unity within ourselves and with others. The story takes the reader on a journey to discover what it is like being deaf, and what deaf people have gone through in order to be treated as equals. The journey starts out alone for the main character, Brandi Rarus then shows how she and all of the character’s lives in the story become intertwined through the most amazing connections.  Nicole Levac,   Personal Transformation Guide

“As a Christian, I believe that Finding Zoe gives us an amazing example of how the grace of God can work in our lives. I thought the story was going to make me sad, but instead it filled me with passion and joy! During Part One we are educated about Deaf Culture, and I was transported into it. I felt like I, too, was on the march fighting for the rights of deaf people and the respect they deserve. In the midst of all the politics, I was also learning about our American history, and how the Deaf Culture was handled (no pun intended). Learning about history usually puts me to sleep, but this part of the book made me feel like I was there! The fact that these events happened not too long ago makes me feel like I can be a part of a new chapter in history. This book should be on every English and History teachers’ “Must Read” list for their students.  For the awareness of the Deaf Culture alone! Oh, what a great movie this would be! Shawndra Higgins, Wife and mother of five, Social Media Networker of The Living Truth Fellowship

“Finding Zoe” is a book with many stories. All of the stories are separate yet deeply entwined with an outcome that will leave you pondering your own relationships with others and whether or not those relationships are serendipitous, divinely orchestrated or a little of both. The character I identified with most was Zoe’s birth father. Perhaps this is because of the desire I have always had to be a father. I felt his pain, joy, happiness and courage.”Finding Zoe” is not only a story(s) of love, happiness, trials and disappointment, but, one that is educational. A book that will help us all see “deaf culture” in a new light and appreciation. This story will stay with me always.” Mark Seidel, Google Plus Expert

“Finding Zoe was an eye opener for me and made me feel like I personally knew each person written about.” Debra Dickerson, President of Trifecta Executive Coaching

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