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July 20, 2014

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Yesterday I met someone who reminded me of how grateful I am for everything I have. We met at a women’s networking luncheon, and talked and talked. We talked about her father, a Harvard graduate who stood for world peace way before it was in vogue, and had died at age 44, when she was only 16. We talked about her mother, a very progressive person, as well, who had died at age 57. The woman went on, yet I was interested, because she and I both came from New York City, and it seemed like we were cut from the same cloth. We both became mothers of sons in our forties. Her son is fifteen, mine is eleven. About an hour into our conversation she very calmly explained that she had terminal cancer. Dumbfounded, I told her that I didn’t know what to say, and she smiled. We continued our conversation. When the luncheon was over, I told her that I would call her that night; I wanted to read her something I had written about becoming a parent in your forties. I thought about her the entire drive home.

Later, when I called her, my son came into the room and asked me to help him get ready for bed. Lucky me; we still have that ritual. When I told her that I had to go and why, she blurted out, “Enjoy it. Pretty soon he is going to stop asking.” I could tell that the comment came from someone who truly understood the preciousness of life. All we have is each and every moment. Tweet This


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