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Empowering ourselves, one step at a time.

May 12, 2014

Recently, I’ve been having second thoughts about something I’ve been putting a lot of effort into. It’s career-related, which makes me feel as if there’s a lot at stake, if I let it go. I’ve nurtured this thing, given it all I’ve got for months, and was finally beginning to see some results. More than that, this effort is highly regarded in the circles I’ve been keeping. Nonetheless, my inner voice seems to be saying, “No.” (Whether this means giving it up cold turkey or just scaling back, I’m not yet sure.)

I’ve been here before. Two long-term relationship come to mind. I had nurtured them, giving all of myself (including my soul, which was the problem). Both times I stayed way too long. I’m older now and much more sure of myself, so I don’t hang on to things the way I used to. Yet here I am, once again, finding it hard to trust what my inner voice is saying.

The reasons why it’s hard are obvious, but why is not where I am going with this. What I can do about it is. I will say  that the need for us to be liked—and loved, ultimately will cause us to take jobs we hate, stay in bad relationships for years, and do unhealthy things to our bodies.

Fortunately, believing in something greater than myself, believing in Spirit, helps. It has shown me time and time again that when I go with my gut and trust that still, small voice inside, rather than fight it (what we do much of the time) amazing things happen. It helps me to better understand myself, and myself in relation to it. Being a writer can help me to explain. When I write, it comes through me, showing me that it is part of me. So if I trust it (perhaps you call it God or another term) then how can I not trust myself, as it is part of me? Being spiritual is really very practical.

So today I have decided to try something radical: I am going to trust every single thing I do. When the doubt flares up I will say, “is this what I would do if I trusted myself,” and if the answer is yes I will do it. It’s how we make positive changes, one step at a time. How about you? How are you going to trust yourself today?

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