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Empowering our kids with social media.

June 11, 2014

kids and social media

I got stuck between Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. I was on automatic pilot, engaging, responding, posting—information coming at me from every which way, until I didn’t  know if I was coming or going. It began innocently, but like a wave, the social media lure just swallowed me up and spit me out. I was in a trance, caring what other people said or didn’t say about me!!! When I realized what happened, I peeled myself off my computer, and stayed off-line until I was in control again. I was going through withdrawal.

Which brings me to the point of this post. What about the children? What about my nieces and nephews in their teens who are just becoming self-aware, who, unlike me haven’t had the chance to discover who they are to even notice that they lost themselves? What about the children who don’t yet realize that they are enough just the way they are, who because of their young age don’t have the strength of character not to fall into the illusive trap of constantly comparing themselves—their faces, their bodies, their stats, their lives—to others to determine their own self worth? Who don’t have years of confidence as successful people behind them and to to rely on that for making the right decisions?

What about our children, who don’t yet know what feeds their soul? Good music. A good book (that hopefully they will hold in their hands). A good person-to-person real live conversation-in-the-flesh. What about going out to play and being in nature? Have these joys become archaic?

Will our children not know how to connect inward and value down time for the gift it is? Will they not know how to be alone? Will they be too uncomfortable to face themselves without Facebook? My heart is breaking. Will they constantly be seeking distractions and diversions and not see the value in doing nothing at all, and connecting with Spirit? Will they feel they don’t exist without being mainlined to mothermedia? Their little souls must surely be aching, and they don’t even know it. Who are their role models on social media? Certainly not Slenderman.

I’m a recovering Google+aholic. But what about the children? Good Lord, what about the children?


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