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Choosing for our children.

February 15, 2015

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As the wallpaper for his tablet, my eleven-year-old son chose a photograph of the torso of a very fat man being arrested, who was wearing a tee shirt that said, “This really sucks.” He thought it was hilarious. I knew it had to go. Eureka! What an amazing teaching opportunity it provided! Here was a chance to point out to my son that behind the “joke” were negative messages he was taking in every time he turned on his tablet. I didn’t elaborate on how he was being subtly assuaged by condescending thoughts about life and heavy people. That this was one more negative message that he, on the cusp on teen hood, was being bombarded by from watching TV and surfing the Internet—because of grown-ups who should know better. I didn’t mention that, although this seemed like an insignificant matter, it will have more impact on him than he realized, that all the little choices he makes add up and color his life.

He must have understood what I was getting at, because even though he made a face he changed the wallpaper to a happy-go-lucky donkey that brought a smile to my face, as well as to his. He was very glad about his new wallpaper, and I was very glad to be his mom.

4 Responses to “Choosing for our children.”

  1. Muaaah – love you! Please pass on my cushy Kitto hugs to your son #HUGS

    I ENJOY your “White Bread” Wisdom


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