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How do we choose?

January 26, 2015


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Have you ever believed in something so utterly and completely, that if it were compromised you’d be willing to let it go? A relationship, perhaps? A project? Perhaps, even your own life? I am reading, The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert. Tonight, after reading the book for months, riveted, I finally reached the story’s climax. The heroine, Alma Whittaker, after traveling the world in search of something, and in the midst of drowning, finally found what she was searching for. It was the following realization: There are those people who do anything in life to survive, and there are those who don’t. With that, she willed herself out of the water, and chose to live.

Alma’s realization had profound meaning for me, even though she experienced it in a time and place so distant from my own: Tahiti in the 1800s. The realization seemed a bit simplistic, but pointed to a much greater one, which I find myself returning to again and again: When we realize that we are part of Life’s flow, and that it can be trusted, we can freely walk away from anything that steers us off our path. Our only stake in life becomes being true to that which aligns us with life, and the petty things, once so important to us and which we suffer over, can gently fall away. It will feel as if we have no choice other than to do what we must. Yet, we know that we are making one of the most important choices of our life. Have you ever experienced this?

2 Responses to “How do we choose?”

  1. Dear Gail,
    What an exquisite read. I SO identify with this realization. It speaks to our own discovery, in space and time, of why we are here and now.
    Simple, yet very profound.
    Thank you for sharing this gift.

  2. Hi Johann, I am so glad that you could identify with what I wrote. Thank you for commenting. It is a simple thought, but not always easy to embrace when we get attached to having certain outcomes in our life. I use this thought as an intent to live by and always come back to it, even when I am steered off my path. We are human and not perfect. Namaste.

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