The sweetest fruits of success. February 01, 2015

I’ve turned down a bunch of projects lately. Small ones and larger ones. I could use the income, certainly, but between my efforts with promoting my latest book Finding Zoe and some personal things I have going on, I hear a resounding internal NO every time I consider taking on a new project. My husband has been consumed with […]

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Bonding with your adopted baby. November 11, 2013

In recognition of National Adoption Awareness Month,TodayMOMS ran a week-long celebration called, “Choosing Adoption.” One of their articles talked about, “that, ‘maternal ‘moment’—when parents first bond with their adopted child.” They asked parents whether it was during that fateful phone call, the first soothing or cuddle, whether they experienced love at first sight or had […]

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The blessing of adoption in the spirit of Kahlil Gibran. November 04, 2013

Recently, NBC ran a story about Dr. Nancy Snyderman and her adopted daughter Katie’s meeting with Katie’s birth mother, Cheryl, who had placed Katie for adoption twenty-seven years ago. As an adoptive mother, myself, I can say that it was absolutely beautiful—although I’m sure that anyone would think so, if they are human. It was […]

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Exercising activities in the right proportion. October 27, 2013

I was a runner for many years, and really loved the sport. Eventually, I started getting injuries, so I saw a podiatrist, who was a runner himself. I remember sitting in his office once with a metatarsal sprain, and wishing I was in as great a shape as he was. He talked about how much […]

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