On the road with Finding Zoe. April 28, 2015

My heart was so opened. Watching Zoe play football with her birth father BJ, whom she hadn’t seen in eight years, see her birth mom, Jess, whom she also hadn’t seen in years, and watching her meet her half-sister Adelynne for the very first time. She saw her loving foster mother, Lois, who signed to her […]

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The “special needs” miracle story. August 10, 2014

Have you ever felt like statistic? I think we all have, at some point. Well, in the forthcoming book Finding Zoe, Brandi Rarus, who is a former Miss Deaf America, and her daughter Zoe prove that statistics can be wrong. First the statistics. Then more about the memoir, whose Foreword was written by Academy-Award winner Marlee […]

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Empowering Women: Toward Motherhood April 21, 2014

It was a pilgrimage to motherhood; yet the whole experience is like a dream to me now. My son is eleven years old and thriving, and I couldn’t imagine things being any other way. Really, this isn’t a tale of woe, but one of celebration—a celebration of life and love, and spirit, and how we […]

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My Assent to Motherhood December 10, 2013

I am honored to have the post describing my pilgrimage to becoming a mother featured in the popular blog, Scary Mommy: An Honest Look at Motherhood. I knew that I would write the piece at some point in my life, but didn’t know when or what the circumstances would be for it to be drawn […]

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The blessing of adoption in the spirit of Kahlil Gibran. November 04, 2013

Recently, NBC ran a story about Dr. Nancy Snyderman and her adopted daughter Katie’s meeting with Katie’s birth mother, Cheryl, who had placed Katie for adoption twenty-seven years ago. As an adoptive mother, myself, I can say that it was absolutely beautiful—although I’m sure that anyone would think so, if they are human. It was […]

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Mine is “heaven on toast,” too, Charlize. October 27, 2013

When I read a recent article about adoptive mom Charlize Theron accepting Variety’s Power of Women Award, I just knew how she was feeling when talking about her son Jackson. I adopted my son, too, and let me tell you that my love for him has also aspired me to want to do great things. Like care […]

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