. . . from Your Heart Knows the Answer – Dialogue Between the Voice of Your Heart and the Voices in the Head.

The voice of your heart is direct and its messages are based on a sense of acceptance and lovingness. The voices in your head hold a negative attitude and use arguments to get their point across. As you become more aware of these differences, you may notice that these two voices can talk back and forth to one another. Noticing when an “inner conversation” is taking place between the voice of your heart and the voices in your head gives you the freedom to choose which voice is speaking your truth.

Voice of your heart

Voices in the head

“I’m tired. I think I’ll take an hour’s break.” “No breaks allowed. You must work the full eight hours.”
“I’m going to call Sarah.” “Don’t bother. She’s probably not home.”
“I’ll tell Barbara the truth.” “It will ruin your chances. She’ll lose respect for you.”
“That ice cream looks delicious.” “You’re going to get fat. You already are fat.”
“Jan will love this gift.” “She wouldn’t spend that much on you.”
“I’m going to have a baby.” “No you’re not. You’re too old. You blew it.”
“Bill will be home at around 8:00.” “He’d rather be out with the guys.”
“What a great stereo.” “You can’t afford it.”
“I want to dance.” “You’ll look like a fool.”
“I’ll write a poem.” “It’ll take you forever.”
“Everything is going to work out great.” “But, what if it doesn’t?”

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