Your Heart Knows The Answer

How to Trust Yourself and Make the Choices That Are Right for You:

Ceremonies, Prayers, and Affirmations

YHKTAHow many times has your heart known something, but you didn’t listen and then paid dearly for it later? One hundred times? A thousand times? In a life full of choices about work, love, and home, too often we find ourselves making decisions—or non-decisions!—without a lifeline to our inner voice. A gentle companion and step-by-step guide, Your Heart Knows the Answer leads us to reunite with the magnificent person within, and listen to and trust the strong, intuitive, and all-knowing voice of our hearts. You’ll marvel at your own intuitiveness!

In Part One you’ll learn how to distinguish the inner voice of your heart from your thoughts—both the logical ones as well as the negative inner chatter we sometimes have that keep us safe and small.  In Part Two, you’ll be guided through ceremonies and rituals to help you to strengthen that voice and your ability to follow it. There’s enough practice here to last you a lifetime. It’s truly a bible for self-love.

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“A wonderful, accessible guide for learning how to trust your heart. It is for both women who are new to exploring self-awareness and those already on a spiritual path.”
– Sonia Choquette, Ph.D., author of Your Heart’s Desire

“Your Heart Knows the Answer is a useful and practical book for trusting the wisdom of the heart and following what has heart and meaning.”
– Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., Cultural anthropologist, author of The Four-Fold Way and Signs of Life

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