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Short clips on parenting, self-love, and intuition—and how they’re all related (which is the juicy stuff)!

breadMy blog, whose title was inspired by an “aha” moment with my son, relates all of those thoughts about parenting, self-love, and intuition—and how they are related—that my followers tell me they love reading about. Folks who are familiar with my work know that I write about life through what I call “the lens of perfection”— looking for the lessons to be learned and how through our own inner guidance we find our true power. Trusting our intuition is key; it brings clarity to every day life. I would love to receive your comments.

The Survival whisperer: Your inner wisdom. April 12, 2015

  Today: husband threw back out. Son had fit. Talked insurance for hours. Drove for hours. Had attic insulated. Men in house. Walked the dog. Paid the bills. Worked when could. Husband could’t move. Son had homework. Covers over head. Prayed for solitude. But duty called. Checked inside, asking, “How?” Answer was whispered. “You are […]

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Looking for Perfection. April 04, 2015

I used to be a perfectionist, always needing to be perfect, never thinking I was good enough, trying to prove to myself that just being me was okay. It’s been a process to be able to accept myself, as it is for most people. The wonderful thing is that, now that I know I’m ok, […]

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Your life is in your hands. March 29, 2015

YOU have an amazing life. Open your eyes, and see what you’ve created. Even if what you’ve created, at the moment, is a pile of trouble—it’s your pile, it’s your trouble. Behold an opportunity for learning! After all, you wouldn’t have gone through all that trouble, if not for a noble cause: the unfolding of an amazing life. I’m […]

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Keeping your life on course. March 22, 2015

I was on automatic pilot today—buzzing around non-stop from one situation to the next. The part of me that thrived on all the drama was in rare form. Whooooaaaa. At 8:00 P.M. I finally landed, and realized that things would work themselves out in time—whether or not I moaned and groaned or saved the day or sent the email […]

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No day like today. March 15, 2015

Today was a very long day. How easy it would be to just close my eyes and let it slip away, like all the other days I’ve kissed goodbye. But I finally get it: There will never be another day like today. I didn’t win the lottery or land a new project. No cuddling up with a good book […]

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