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Short clips on parenting, self-love, and intuition—and how they’re all related (which is the juicy stuff)!

breadMy blog, whose title was inspired by an “aha” moment with my son, relates all of those thoughts about parenting, self-love, and intuition—and how they are related—that my followers tell me they love reading about. Folks who are familiar with my work know that I write about life through what I call “the lens of perfection”— looking for the lessons to be learned and how through our own inner guidance we find our true power. Trusting our intuition is key; it brings clarity to every day life. I would love to receive your comments.

Catching life’s signals. May 31, 2015

Driving is such a great metaphor for our life’s journey. I was reminded of this several times during the last few days. The first time I was driving on the highway when suddenly a huge traffic jam appeared just down the road. Not completely shocked, as this has happened before in that location I quickly got off at […]

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A hunch? Or an emotion? What’s the difference? May 25, 2015

In preparation for my radio campaign to promote Finding Zoe I found myself preparing to answer that question. Many of the characters in the story had a gut feeling about Zoe—and acted on it—and as a result, she was led home. They had lots of emotions, as well, as we all do. So how is […]

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Are you a hope junkie? May 17, 2015

  Why do we hope? This may seem like a silly question—and my answer unpopular—given that we hope all the time, for better health, fulfilling work, that tasty donut, those fabulous pair of shoes. The message of hope permeates the media, advertising, politics. It was the message of President Obama’s first political campaign, which landed him the presidency. Yet, […]

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On the road with Finding Zoe. April 28, 2015

My heart was so opened. Watching Zoe play football with her birth father BJ, whom she hadn’t seen in eight years, see her birth mom, Jess, whom she also hadn’t seen in years, and watching her meet her half-sister Adelynne for the very first time. She saw her loving foster mother, Lois, who signed to her […]

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Article Reprint: Check out Finding Zoe in Fairmont Sentinel. April 21, 2015

Two families connect April 20, 2015 By Judy Bryan , Fairmont Sentinel Save | Post a comment | FAIRMONT – The Options Pregnancy Center’s annual banquet Thursday already is sold out. Those fortunate enough to have tickets will hear the amazing story chronicled in the book, “Finding Zoe,” based on a Fairmont student’s unplanned pregnancy, […]

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