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Short clips on parenting, self-love, and intuition—and how they’re all related (which is the juicy stuff)!

breadMy blog, whose title was inspired by an “aha” moment with my son, relates all of those thoughts about parenting, self-love, and intuition—and how they are related—that my followers tell me they love reading about. Folks who are familiar with my work know that I write about life through what I call “the lens of perfection”— looking for the lessons to be learned and how through our own inner guidance we find our true power. Trusting our intuition is key; it brings clarity to every day life. I would love to receive your comments.

What is trust? March 28, 2016

When the memoir Finding Zoe was released, my co-author and I promoted it. I knew in my gut it was the right thing to do. My co-author, having notoriety as a former Miss Deaf America, focused on our print campaign, while I focused on radio. As you may know, when you promote a book on […]

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Trusting your heart isn’t a gender thing. July 26, 2015

Men—does the term, “trusting your heart,” imply a weak sentimentality to you? Do you dismiss it as unimportant? If you’re reading this post, I bet you know where I’m headed … that “trusting your heart” isn’t about buying flowers for your gal, unless it is. Or proposing marriage to your sweetheart, unless it is. (That’s […]

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The rite of self-compasssion. July 05, 2015

Why is it so easy to have compassion for others, yet so difficult to have it for ourselves? Personally, I am the first one to kick myself when I’m down. However, the other day when I was going through a rough patch, I found self-compassion. My emotions took me for a ride, and were it not for my clear intent to […]

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Raise a cup for life. June 14, 2015

Bea was my mother’s friend from when they were little girls. My mom passed away about eight years ago, but she and Bea (and twelve of their friends) all knew each other since kindergarten. I grew up in New York City, but remember always hearing about Bea, because she had moved to Boston. She was a […]

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Take a chill pill. June 07, 2015

Yesterday, I lay down for a few minutes. I was weary, and realized how hard I’ve been pushing myself. While lying there, the melody from the Paul Simon song American Tune popped into my mind, along wit the lyrics, “Still tomorrow’s going to be another working day, and I’m trying to get some rest. That’s all I’m […]

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