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Beauty in nature: Fall’s missing colors.

November 04, 2013

Today, while driving along one of my favorite country roads I noticed that the usual Fall colors were missing all of the reds and oranges! All of the leaves were either yellow or brown. It was weird, as if part of the Fall spectrum was just missing. God had taken off her rose and orange colored glasses. Boohoo. However, once I stopped being incredibly disappointed, once I stopped comparing what I saw to what I wanted to see, I could appreciate the incredible beauty that surrounded me. I was in awe of how profoundly beautiful yellow leaves can be, of how breathtaking the Fall can be without any red or orange leaves whatsoever. My definition of perfection had been blown away with the falling leaves. I realized that perfection isn’t a set thing; it isn’t a Fall that looks like this or a woman who looks like that. Perfection is the beauty and mystery of possibility, itself. I could have driven home feeling disappointed and missed the entire thing. Anyway, who are we to argue with nature.

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