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Be still and know: Time management tip extraordinaire.

November 11, 2013

This morning, I was sitting on my bed thinking about my “to do” list. I had sat down to meditate for a few minutes—something I try doing every morning. But the “pull” the list had on me was very seductive. There weren’t any words just this incredible desire to quit all this meditative nonsense and bolt. It felt like I would have to tie myself to the bed to stop myself from running into my office. But I remained steady, and reached for the inspirational book I often read before beginning my day. I opened it, and this is what I read,

“When the moment for action comes there will, of course, be much for you to do; but because of these moments of rest you will hear better when you are told what to do and how to do it.”

love when that happens—open a book and read something tailored-made for me (and it happens when I am truly in tune with what I need to do and what is really important)! I know that had I dashed to my office, the quality of my day would be very different, and I wouldn’t get as far as I am going to get today having waited. Here I am writing this—something I had not scheduled into my busy day. But I am feeling so open and light that I know that I will get everything done, and more. And do it all smiling.

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