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Achieving our goals can wait.

February 22, 2015

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Do you know those times in life when nothing definitive seems to be happening? No resounding YES! You nailed it! Go with THAT one! Despite everything you’re doing, things just don’t seem to be falling into place. This describes my life the past couple weeks.

I’ve experienced the opposite—when hard work and focus brought quick results. But now, after weeks of considering which contract firm to hire, my business partner and I still aren’t sure which one to choose. I met a wonderful woman on Twitter recently, who offered to advise me on another matter. Yet, I don’t know what to ask her or what I want from the conversation. That isn’t like me. On the home front, I’ve been searching for an afternoon program for my son, ferreting out some and considering others, but I’m not sure if the program I chose is the best one for him.

All this indecision makes me uncomfortable, because I crave closure and certainty like the rest of us. I want results—now. I don’t like being in the “not knowing.” Will I disappear? There were times when I doubted myself, wondering if I was procrastinating or unable to focus.

Bottom line, I have two choices: I can believe that something’s wrong—with myself or the situations. Or, I can relax into the not knowing, and enjoy the ride. Maybe—just maybe, things aren’t happening, because it’s not time for them to happen. Maybe there are things I don’t know about that have to happen before I can decide. Maybe things are happening, but they are unseen things. Efficiency isn’t everything.Tweet This

Truthfully, the uncomfortable times are when I learn the most. I’ve learned that being uncomfortable isn’t a bad thing, but a good thing. That, alone, is something to contemplate. I’ve learned that life is a process with its own timing that doesn’t always coincide with my own. Tweet ThisWhat are you learning?

You live, you learn
You love, you learn
You cry, you learn
You lose, you learn

You laugh, you learn
You choose, you learn
You ask, you learn
You live, you learn

–Alanis Morissette

4 Responses to “Achieving our goals can wait.”

  1. The beauty of life is found in the uncertainty! I love this post. So many times people fear veering from their written plan, but it is generally when you are able to veer that you are able to find greatness! This past year for me has been a rollercoaster ride. Right now, I am writting a romance novel. In a thousand years, I never saw myself writing a romance novel…now, I flippin love it and it is going to be fantastic! Everything works out exactly as it should! Thank you for sharing this, I actually really needed to read this right now!

  2. Hey, Debbie, I’m so glad that the post spoke to you, and came in just the right time!! What you say is so true, that when we veer off the prescribed path we find the greatness. I can’t wait to hear more about your romance novel. Thanks so much for commenting.

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