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Accepting yourself as a stay-at-home or a career mom.

November 20, 2013

If I died today my epitaph might read, “Bad corporate-player. Great mom.” Before bcomng a mother that would have really embarrassed me. I thought that being successful in business—working twelve hour days—was the be all end all. But my son being born put a different spin on that, for sure. Suddenly, I couldn’t give two wads about the office or the bottom line. Or, let’s just say that my bottom line had elevated. I knew in my heart that I couldn’t make both work and parenting a priority. So I cut back on work, even eliminated it for a short while, and was totally there for my son. I was never happier in my life. Now, I know many women who would choose differently. For example, my business partner has four kids, a full time job with A LOT of responsibility requiring her to travel often, plus she has her work with me—and I don’t think that she’d want it any other way. That’s what makes ballgames. Whatever our life circumstances, as we go about our days it’s so important to remember who we really are, our priorities, and how best to achieve them.

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