July 2015

Trusting your heart isn’t a gender thing. July 26, 2015

Men—does the term, “trusting your heart,” imply a weak sentimentality to you? Do you dismiss it as unimportant? If you’re reading this post, I bet you know where I’m headed … that “trusting your heart” isn’t about buying flowers for your gal, unless it is. Or proposing marriage to your sweetheart, unless it is. (That’s […]

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The rite of self-compasssion. July 05, 2015

Why is it so easy to have compassion for others, yet so difficult to have it for ourselves? Personally, I am the first one to kick myself when I’m down. However, the other day when I was going through a rough patch, I found self-compassion. My emotions took me for a ride, and were it not for my clear intent to […]

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