May 2015

Catching life’s signals. May 31, 2015

Driving is such a great metaphor for our life’s journey. I was reminded of this several times during the last few days. The first time I was driving on the highway when suddenly a huge traffic jam appeared just down the road. Not completely shocked, as this has happened before in that location I quickly got off at […]

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A hunch? Or an emotion? What’s the difference? May 25, 2015

In preparation for my radio campaign to promote Finding Zoe I found myself preparing to answer that question. Many of the characters in the story had a gut feeling about Zoe—and acted on it—and as a result, she was led home. They had lots of emotions, as well, as we all do. So how is […]

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Are you a hope junkie? May 17, 2015

  Why do we hope? This may seem like a silly question—and my answer unpopular—given that we hope all the time, for better health, fulfilling work, that tasty donut, those fabulous pair of shoes. The message of hope permeates the media, advertising, politics. It was the message of President Obama’s first political campaign, which landed him the presidency. Yet, […]

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