April 2015

On the road with Finding Zoe. April 28, 2015

My heart was so opened. Watching Zoe play football with her birth father BJ, whom she hadn’t seen in eight years, see her birth mom, Jess, whom she also hadn’t seen in years, and watching her meet her half-sister Adelynne for the very first time. She saw her loving foster mother, Lois, who signed to her […]

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Article Reprint: Check out Finding Zoe in Fairmont Sentinel. April 21, 2015

Two families connect April 20, 2015 By Judy Bryan , Fairmont Sentinel Save | Post a comment | FAIRMONT – The Options Pregnancy Center’s annual banquet Thursday already is sold out. Those fortunate enough to have tickets will hear the amazing story chronicled in the book, “Finding Zoe,” based on a Fairmont student’s unplanned pregnancy, […]

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The Survival whisperer: Your inner wisdom. April 12, 2015

  Today: husband threw back out. Son had fit. Talked insurance for hours. Drove for hours. Had attic insulated. Men in house. Walked the dog. Paid the bills. Worked when could. Husband could’t move. Son had homework. Covers over head. Prayed for solitude. But duty called. Checked inside, asking, “How?” Answer was whispered. “You are […]

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Looking for Perfection. April 04, 2015

I used to be a perfectionist, always needing to be perfect, never thinking I was good enough, trying to prove to myself that just being me was okay. It’s been a process to be able to accept myself, as it is for most people. The wonderful thing is that, now that I know I’m ok, […]

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