March 2015

Your life is in your hands. March 29, 2015

YOU have an amazing life. Open your eyes, and see what you’ve created. Even if what you’ve created, at the moment, is a pile of trouble—it’s your pile, it’s your trouble. Behold an opportunity for learning! After all, you wouldn’t have gone through all that trouble, if not for a noble cause: the unfolding of an amazing life. I’m […]

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Keeping your life on course. March 22, 2015

I was on automatic pilot today—buzzing around non-stop from one situation to the next. The part of me that thrived on all the drama was in rare form. Whooooaaaa. At 8:00 P.M. I finally landed, and realized that things would work themselves out in time—whether or not I moaned and groaned or saved the day or sent the email […]

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No day like today. March 15, 2015

Today was a very long day. How easy it would be to just close my eyes and let it slip away, like all the other days I’ve kissed goodbye. But I finally get it: There will never be another day like today. I didn’t win the lottery or land a new project. No cuddling up with a good book […]

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What is happiness? March 08, 2015

    Recently, I auditioned for the “Listen To Your Mother” event that will be taking place soon in cities around the country. I was extremely proud of the piece I auditioned that was about my journey to motherhood, and wanted more than anything to be chosen to perform it at the event. When I […]

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Inspiration for your winters. March 01, 2015

When it’s winter and the snow is cold and the sky is dark, how do you find sustenance? When life feels bleak and events seem harsh how do you conquer your own anxieties—and everyone’s around you—to be the light for those who are in your care? Are your children sleeping peacefully in their beds? When they […]

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