December 2014

The ultimate selfie. December 10, 2014

The word “self” has become one of those nebulous words, these days, like “soul” and “divine.” It has even morphed into the word “selfie?” But who took the picture, and are you looking at your empowered self? Then there’s love to consider. Yet shouldn’t we consider self-love first? For how can we love someone, if we don’t truly know how […]

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Enhance your life by seeing the mystery in the mundane. December 02, 2014

Real quick. I was having trouble with my contact lens and had to stop wearing it. It was a simple case of red eye that not a single doctor could help me with. Each recommended something different, “Clean your eye with baby shampoo”… “Use a warm compress” … “Try dailies ” … “Consider laser surgery” […]

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