March 2014

Protecting our children’s innocence. March 31, 2014

The other day, when my 10-year-old son Lucas and I were talking about his neighborhood friends, he said, “I know that we will all be friends forever!” I felt the sweetest sorrow, and realized, in that moment, that I was the gatekeeper of his innocence. Part of me, the logical, fearful part that wants to […]

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How to improve self-worth. March 21, 2014

A true sign of self-worth and self-acceptance? Feeling good enough to be on camera without any make-up. This issue arose for several of us on a recent Google+ HOA (Hangout on Air)—a live show, but one that most people would watch as a rerun.  I, fairly new to this technology, didn’t realize that a simple […]

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Your self-acceptance project. March 12, 2014

For self-acceptance I invite you to ask WHO AM I? Sure, we grow and change. Learn new things. Meet new people. Cut our hair. Make money. Get sick. Run the marathon. Grow old. There’s so much change. But does it change who we really are? And, how do we discover who we really are? Do […]

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How to use your intuition to your advantage. March 07, 2014

In my last post, which was about recognizing our inner voice, we talked about five ways to distinguish it from our logic and emotions—which is all that inner chatter that we have running around inside our heads. But what if you’re not a word person? What if you are more visually-oriented, feeling-oriented, or intuitively-oriented? There […]

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