February 2014

Follow your heart. Your intuition knows. February 28, 2014

How can we tell when our heart (as opposed to our logical mind or negative emotions) is speaking to us? I, for one, wanted to know that so badly that I took the time to find out, and then put the information in a book called, Your Heart Knows the Answer. I discovered that the […]

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Teaching kids about self-control? Let the force be with you. February 15, 2014

My son can have a difficult time with impulse control. When he “thinks” something he says it—even when it’s not appropriate. I know that it’s a common behavior with children aged ten and under, and as they mature it usually works itself out. Still, I wanted to come up with a tool of some kind […]

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What the 2014 Winter Olympics can teach us about our own lives. February 10, 2014

As I watched the Men’s Figure Skating tournament in the Winter Olympics the other day I witnessed a precision, perfection, and grace that left me breathless. Having studied ballet as a child, I felt the skater’s movements in my soul, and longed to be able to perform them, too. Then I was graced—with an “aha” […]

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Learning how to love and accept yourself is still a hot topic. February 03, 2014

When my book, Your Heart Knows the Answer came out in 2005, the conversation about self-love and trusting our intuition was clearly alive and well. I myself had written the book as part of my process for learning how to better access these God-given gifts, and everywhere I turned I saw woman (and men) who wanted to […]

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