January 2014

Is connecting on Google+ really where it’s at? January 31, 2014

Recently, I read a post on Google+ about connections. How we’ve always known that the world is interconnected, but that without Google+ (and the other social media venues) it was so easy to forget. That the lack of connection kept us feeling alone and isolated. We lived in our individual cells like worker bees who […]

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Laugh fear in the face? I finally get it. January 31, 2014

When we’re living outside our comfort zone and up to big things those negative voices in our heads can just go bananas. Fear can set in like rigor mortis, paralyzing us. This happens to me sometimes. My voices scream so loud that it isn’t even funny. But actually, it is funny, and this is my […]

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I’m in. #BringYourNakedFace. January 27, 2014

There ins’t anyone who can convince me that we don’t get exactly what we need. We only have to go after it. What do you need? Ask the still, small voice inside, allow the wisdom to come and it will be there. It is always there, it is just our receivers that need fine tuning. […]

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