Who is Gail Harris?

Gail Harris is an author, and was a finalist of an IPNE Book Award. A story-teller at heart, Gail began telling stories for her clients as an award-winning advertising copywriter. Shifting focus,  she wrote Your Heart Knows the Answerwhich teaches us how to trust our intuition by learning how to distinguish it from our intellect and emotions. Think of it as, “Intuition 101.”

Those very skills would help Gail immensely during a very difficult time. Gail was able to realize that the incredibly difficult experience of losing her twins in premature labor was also a miracle, in that it led her to adopt the baby who was meant to be her son. She tells her riveting story in the book, Unwavering Strength: Volume II. Stories To Warm our Heart and Soul.

Her most recent book, entitled Finding Zoe, whose Foreword was written by Academy-Award-Winner Marlee Matlin, is her co-author’s memoir, a former Miss Deaf America named Brandi Rarus. Through Brandi’s journey to self-acceptance and to adopting her deaf daughter, the book explores the themes of finding our place in the world and fitting in, being judged and judging others, and moving past them to realize our dreams.

Gail believes that, while each of us has our own unique story, the themes of coming home to ourselves, our families, and of fulfilling our destiny are universal.

With her advertising clients she believes that their unique stories must be mined, polished, and branded to bring them success.

Gail’s White Bread Wisdom Blog, conceived from an “aha” moment with her son, shares her thoughts on parenting and adoption, the importance of connecting with Spirit, and how following the voice of our hearts can help us to live fulfilling lives.

Gail is a featured contributor for several parenting and self-empowerment magazines and blogs and is the mother of an eleven-year-old boy.

Please check out Gail’s resources for moms, people touched by adoption, and those that support you in nurturing your self.


Gail Harris Author